A little about me…

I have worked as a Lead Designer for over ten years beginning my career in Video Game Design. This transitioned into doing Pixel Art for Cell Phone games just as that industry started to really take off, which lead me to doing Lead Design and Art Direction for Animation.

I am fluent in diverse Art styles and work well within a team environment.

The hands­ on experience I have received in these varied and growing markets have given me the skills to necessary to approach the subject matter with a fresh eye and implement that vision with precision. I am accustomed to the fast paced environment and deadlines that these industries bring and have successfully seen all of my projects through to completion.

Following the current gaming trends and being a casually hardcore gamer myself has given me the ability to know what is trending and follow the feedback of the ever growing and social gaming community.

I thrive under pressure, love collaboration and giving life to new ideas.

A few of my artist page links can be found here:

Art Station





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